• Welcome Introduction
  • Keynote Address
  • Plenary Session
  • Parallel Scientific Sessions
  • Symposium
  • Oral Technical Presentations
  • Poster Discussion Session
  • Panel Discussions
  • Special Session
  • Industrial Talk
  • End Note Session and Closing Ceremony

About Conference

Mandrick events inspire and connect the profound, deep-dive scholars of science, nursing healthcare, pharma and medicine to stimulate noteworthy collaboration for better comprehension of beginning, advanced, and interpretation of science to convey the superior method for propelling your work.

We are pleased to welcome all the participants, contributors and speakers in the “Global Conference on Nursing education & Healthcare (GNH 2018)” during

May 24-26, 2018 at worlds one of the beautiful place Paris, France.           

The goal of the Nursing 2018 is to support the “Essentials of nursing research: Methods, appraisal, and utilization from conceptualization to evaluation”, under which orators will stimulate each other to create and promote the Advancements and Challenges in Nursing research and education evolution for future needs.

The event will witness important oration by the immense range of eloquent speakers, policymakers, and scientist from all over the globe, who will assemble at worlds once of the beautiful Paris with the common epigram of making this world a better place by finding solutions to the upfront problems.

Mandrick Science Group galvanize innovators, change agents, entrepreneurs, investors, scholar and scientists in a maestro- synchronized way to bring the knowledge, innovative ideas, emerging trends and exciting technologies together.

We inspire to redirect the skills and knowledge to a single forum to conduct standalone exhibitions, conferences, symposium, and workshops- using global footprint to promote innovation and technology that changes people’s lives.

Mandrick Sciences organizes colloquiums that procure on creating a splash with innovations and recent researches. With an eye for details, we manage to have reconciled with the attendees. We comprehensively implement strategic planning to disseminate and evaluate information, emerging technology and global approaches that can benefit both academia and industry.

“Knowing the difference between what you can do and what is right to do, so we believe nothing has more meaning or impact than a face-to-face, live human encounter”

Thus, pursuing a personalised approach to increase the standard of professionalism by bidding creative well-focused meetings and by nurturing and approaching individual client needs. 

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